Friday, December 27, 2013

In time to ring in the New Year.

I have a new obsession. I am in love with many designers, and I have always loved the classy look that Chanel gives to women and men. With the nice break from school, I have had much free time on my hand. In this free time, I watched plenty of episodes of my favorite shows and hundreds of new movies. The other day I watched "Coco Chanel" starring Shirley MacLaine. On IMDb, they give the movie a 6.8 out of 10, but I would easily give it a 10 if it was up to me. It is obviously about the life of Gabrielle Chanel, herself. It is not just a biography, but romance. After watching the movie, I have great respect for her and her designs. Now I must find me the perfect Chanel bag ASAP! But I want everyone to go watch this movie...I even supplied you the trailer. :)


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love Coco Chanel, and thank you so much for the movie suggestion. I can't wait to go get the movie and watch it!! Keep up the amazing blog!